Video Marketing – Ten Tips That Really Work

In order for your business to thrive, you need to adopt a few advertising strategies that reach out to others. Video marketing is one such kind of advertising and it has proven to be very effective at drawing people of different walks of life towards a business. The success of video marketing is determined by the way in which you use the videos to herald your business. There are many ways in which you can use videos to boost traffic to your business, but the following are some proven methods that really work to enhance your videos and online presence.

  1. You can make your videos appealing to the public through the use of music. If you correctly employ a musical theme in your video, people may find themselves harming the tune, something that will make them aware of your presence.
  2. You can also choose to use celebrities or other spokespersons in your videos. This will help you build a name in record time.
  3. You should publish your videos where huge traffic is guaranteed. Community networks are always flooded with traffic, so it would be wise to post your videos there. The good thing about community networks is that once one views your video, their friends are notified and in no time, you will have more and more people viewing your video.
  4. Associate your videos through popular sites with the use of links. This way, people will be directed to your video according to related content that they would have seen on the internet.
  5. Internet users oftentimes do not have a lot of patience, so you need to make sure that your videos send the intended message in the shortest time possible. Videos that are too long may drive potential clients away.
  6. It is important that you keep refreshing your videos with time. The internet is always changing and if your videos do not change, then you risk being left behind.
  7. Add a bit of humor to your videos. Humorous videos are more effective at drawing attention than videos that only focus on the product or service being offered.
  8. You can join affiliate associates so they can help you in publishing your videos. You will also be able to advertise their businesses, thus giving you an extra way to make money through commissions.
  9. Diversify your videos. You can have different kinds of videos all advertising the same thing. This will help you draw the attention of customers from many walks of life.
  10. You can promote your videos through competitions. For example, you can create a competition whereby you ask questions and the answers will be on your video. This will encourage people to watch your videos, while at the same time, help you advertise your business.

There are many other ways in which you can promote your business through video marketing and whichever way you choose to do it depends on personal preference. What is important to note in video marketing is that the more unique you become, the better your chances become of having great success.

Stress of Being Self-Employed – What Factors Cause Anxiety and Can Interfere With Your Business

Anyone who is self-employed knows that there can be a great deal of stress involved in being your own boss. People who work for others may think that being work for yourself is carefree. You can set your own hours, choose your own jobs, and only do work that you want to do. While all of this is true, there are some downsides to being self-employed that can make it much more stressful than having someone else to tell you what to do. The three most common issues of being self employed are the lack of a consistent salary, economic issues, and the uncertainty of success. These issues make being self-employment much more stressful than many people realize.One reason that being self-employed is stressful is that there is not any consistent salary. When you work for someone else, that boss generally ensures that you will receive a salary regardless of how much business you bring in during a given week or month. When you are on your own, that cushion is missing. Instead, there is more of a feast and famine aspect to your business. During months where you have a lot of customers, the money may seem to be rolling in quickly. However, these months are generally followed by slower months where money is stretched much more tightly. These fluctuations in salary can make it difficult for people who are their own bosses to know how much money they can expect to make in any given month. This can make budgeting difficult and stressful unless the entrepreneur has a sizable emergency fund to draw from during slower months.Another stress of being an entrepreneur is that many businesses rise and fall with the economic issues of the time. With the current economy being weak, many small businesses are struggling more than they normally would. Since small businesses generally offer premium goods or services, they can lose a great deal of business when the economy gets difficult and people start cutting back on their spending. This puts small businesses in a bind because they tend to have a very narrow profit margin, and not very much margin for error. In a difficult economy, this can make running a business very unpredictable.The last major stress of running your own business is the uncertainty of success. Many small businesses fail, mostly within their first year. Most small business owners know this, and the uncertainty lurks in the backs of their minds, creating stress that people working for a larger company do not have. Taking time for some exercise, meditation and ways to relax is important for getting your energy back.Although it might look easy to set your own hours, and be your own boss, it is not. You have to learn how to budget without a consistent salary, manage during a weak economy, and deal with uncertainties. But the positives can outweigh the negatives. To be able to live your dream, bring your vision into the light of day, not have to punch a time card and be able to stay home with your kids and arrange your schedule is priceless to many. This creates a strong motivation that can help you to succeed.

5 Key Tips After A Year of Working On My Health and Fitness

I have diligently been working on shedding weight off my obese body over the past year and I’m happy to announce that I’ve made some fantastic strides towards improving my health and fitness. Naturally there have been some ups and downs getting used to the new healthy way of life, but even with the difficult moments, the process has been one that has opened my eyes.I’m ecstatic that I’ve shed over 35 pounds along with a 12.1% drop in body fat! That is a huge success in my book, especially since I’ve had no luck whatsoever over the past 10 years trying to lose weight and get into shape.Here are 5 of the key findings that I had to realize over this past year in order to make real progress turning my life around.1) Be ready to face nutritional curveballs.When a person is seriously overweight like I was, changing eating habits is one of the most difficult things to truly handle on a consistent basis. You may have one good day of healthy eating, but then the next lose focus and have a completely opposite episode if you are not careful with the choices you make. Eating healthy is something that takes daily planning along with strong willpower to resist the usual temptations.2) Don’t buy junk food.Changing the types of food an overweight person eats is difficult, even more so when you are surrounded by foods and drinks that are not healthy. Re-stock your kitchen with only items that are healthy which means no potato chips, cookies, crackers, and sugary drinks like soda and energy beverages. You really don’t need that stuff anyways. Believe me, I used to be the king of soda pop and potato chips. Now that I don’t buy those items and have developed healthy eating and snacking habits, I don’t even miss that junk at all.3) Portion size is extremely important.It is critical to be mindful of the amount of food eaten at each meal/sitting so that an excess does not enter the body. Even if you prepare a healthy meal, it is still possible to eat too much and gain weight. To use as a guide, the food on your plate should take up about the same amount of space as your hand balled up into a fist (give or take a bit). Don’t forget to take into consideration the drinks you consume at meals too! One glass of soda at each meal would be about 600 extra calories per day. Why put all those wasted calories into your body when water has a grand total of 0 calories per serving?4) Always have healthy snacks and water at hand.Take the time to designate a shelf or plastic container in your refrigeratorwhere you can keep all your healthy snacks. Make it easy to grab snacks when you’re in a rush so it’s simple to stay adhered to your healthy eating plan. You’ll find that when you don’t make a healthy lunch and snacks, most likely you’ll purchase an unhealthy meal from a fast food restaurant or buy a few items from the vending machines at work. Generally not the healthiest of choices when you’re focused on improving your nutrition.5) Try never to go more than three days without working out.As you get used to this new healthy manner of eating, it’s imperative you find an exercise routine you can stick with week in and week out. Once you find an exercise or sport you can do on a regular basis 3-5 times a week and tie in healthy eating habits for the majority of the week, you are well on your way to getting into the shape that you have been wanting to get in.Just remember this is a process. You won’t lose 50 pounds in a week or even a month. However if you focus on your nutrition, cut out the unhealthy stuff, monitor your portion sizes so you don’t overeat, and get a regular form of exercise, you will drop those 50 pounds in a healthy manner within 6-8 months.

Digital Photography and Digital Printing Exposed

Digital photography and subsequent digital printing is incredible new technology that has virtually eliminated the process of analog photography which has been around for nearly 200 years.Digital photography allows us to take many more photos than previously, without needing to replace film in the camera.
This allows the photographer to concentrate on the primary process which is of course, taking pictures, without the possibility of missing that perfect shot while changing film.Let us recall first of all that a traditional analogue photograph consisted mainly of the impression created by the exposure of a photosensitive reagent on a coated plastic film
In analogue photography the film must be developed then printed on paper, while in digital photography the image is stored in a data-processing memory.In digital photography the film is replaced by a photosensitive sensor. In fact there are 3 sensors required in order to be able to photograph color, with a sensor for each primary color: (Red, Green and Blue).
This is the main fundamental difference between digital and analogue photography, as all the other parts of the cameras are basically identical such as the case, zoom, auto focus features etc.When printing your digital photos, remember that the ultimate quality of the finished product depends on 3 fundamental parameters:The intrinsic quality and definition of the digital image.The degree of technology of the process of transferring the image to the paper.The quality of paper used.Many people are now utilising online digital printing services. My recommendation when using there sites is to initially just get some 6×4 prints produced to test the quality.
Shop around and you will find online sites that will produce custom albums, cards, and framed or unframed prints.
Online interfaces are now very user friendly, allowing a range of views from full sized through to medium or even thumbnails
You can also obtain printed photo books of albums and distribute photographs to your digital frame.
Some online services allow uploads of photographs via you browser, while others require specific software to facilitate the uploads to their servers.

What is the Difference Between Dental Insurance and Low Cost Dental Plans?

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, maintaining proper oral hygiene is an integral part of your health. The mouth, containing your teeth, is perhaps the most important part of the human body. As such, it is absolutely essential that you are concerned with the prevention and repair of any dental problems you may incur.It is a sad fact that most people do not have any type of dental coverage whatsoever. Due to many corporations cutting costs – especially in our economic condition today – dental benefits for employees have been thrown out of the window, due to their high expense. Many people who have become victim to this cost-cutting problem have always visited the dentist for routine care, but now find that they cannot afford them. How can they get these benefits that they once had, and what is the difference between dental insurance and low cost dental plans?What most people do not realize is that dental insurance is not offered to individuals or families. It is only offered to employers, who include it as part of a benefits package, where the employees pay a monthly premium for their coverage.Dental insurance has a fair share of drawbacks when compared to a low cost dental plan. Insurance plans:
have a cap on spending
have a deductible or non-eligibility issues
have a lot of services that are not covered
have long waiting periods
have pre-existing condition clauses
Insurance also entails the need to process claims, which can be a long, drawn out process. Dental insurance mainly covers the most common services, such as teeth polishing and the most common exams, and the deductibles for such services can range from $20-$50USD. While dental insurance can cost $100USD or more a month, the choice of providers is completely up to the policy holder.Low cost dental plans, in contrast, are open to everyone. They provide membership into a service partnership which connects patients with dental care providers at deeply discounted rates. While there is a monthly fee to such services, it is generally much lower than that of dental insurance.Dental plans such as this are very easy to join, as there is no paperwork, and everything can be handled online. There is no red tape or claims to file. All you do is show your membership card at the dentist’s office and pay the co-payment required. The dental plan you select takes care of all of the rest.With low cost dental plans, you can get deeply reduced costs on dental exams, teeth polishing, teeth pulling, root canals, and other routine procedures. On average, dental plan members save up to 60% off of regular dental fees, which costs less than most dental insurance deductible.Even if you do have dental insurance, ask how you can use your policy in conjunction with your low cost dental plan to receive even deeper, special discounts.

Finding the Right Automotive Lifts, Truck Lifts, Car Lifts Or Motorcycle Lifts

Car lifts, automotive lifts, truck lifts, and motorcycle lifts can all play an important role in a home or commercial garage. However, it is important that they match the vehicles you’re working on, the space you’re working in, and the type of repairs you’re doing. Otherwise, the job will become far more difficult and even dangerous if you choose the wrong type of lift. Luckily, as long as you understand what to look for, you’ll be sure to find the right lift for your needs.Comparing Car Lifts/Automotive Lifts/Truck Lifts/Motorcycle LiftsBe sure to watch out for poor quality and super inexpensive car lifts as well as overpriced models. This is why it’s important to purchase from a reputable dealer. Otherwise, you could be stuck with one of the hundreds of fly-by-night companies. While some of these appear to offer quality products, they’ve only been in operation for a few years, so there’s no way to tell how long their car and truck lifts will last.The other issue with purchasing from new dealers is that a majority of the products they offer aren’t ISO-9001 compliant. In fact, many of these dealers bring machines from Asia, place their stickers on them, and put them up for sale. These automotive lifts often fall far below national standards in terms of safety and quality.Warranty is another important consideration. Most of these poor quality units will only come with one year’s worth of warranty that covers nothing except the parts. This means that if there are any repairs, you’ll have to consult with a customer service agent over the phone to identify the problem. Then, the parts will be shipped to you, and you’ll be left on your own to make the repair. With a quality product and a reputable dealer, you’ll never have to worry. Your warranty will cover two or more years of parts and warranty and you’ll have experienced repairmen to help return your machine back to its original state.Because these companies have survived for a number of years, you won’t have to worry about not getting the parts you need in the future. Many of these companies continue to offer parts for various models long after they’ve been discontinued.The automotive lifts and motorcycle lifts produced by reputable companies have a lower chance of breaking down simply because they are better constructed, with higher quality materials and with better welds.Use & Application Of Different Types Of Automotive, Truck And Motorcycle LiftsOnce you can identify the traits of good quality automotive lifts and motorcycle lifts, you need to decide which type of lift is going to work best for the work you have in mind. Here’s a look at the uses and applications for the various types of car lifts and truck lifts:- Portable Automotive Lifts: When you want to make repairs on the go, or need a lift for car shows and similar types of events, this style is ideal. They are small, light, and easy to move around, giving you the freedom to get the job done quickly and easily no matter where you are.- Turf Equipment, ATV, and Motorcycle Lifts: When you’re working on specialty equipment, you need specific lifts in order to do the job safely and efficiently. Motorcycle lifts are the best option for your favorite two-wheeled toy because they are designed specifically for this purpose; other styles are simply an accident waiting to happen. Turf and ATV platforms are ideal for machines because they bring the equipment up to a comfortable height while leaving you room to work on the undersides as well as giving you room to change the heads in the front.- Two-Post Car Lifts: These are small enough to fit into a small garage or shop bay while still leaving you with room to work on the vehicle. For heavier vehicles, choose an asymmetrical design for added security.- Four-Post Truck Lifts: The extra posts not only make this style sturdier, but they’re also a better choice for commercial repair bays because of the added convenience of driving the vehicle on and off the platform.- Scissor Car Lifts: Professional and amateur mechanics both love this style of automotive lifts because of their ability to handle more weight and longer vehicles while still giving you enough space underneath to give you access to the undercarriage.- Pit Truck Lifts: These are ideal for a busy automotive garage or for areas where space is at a premium because they sit flush with the floor when not in use. They also give you lots of space to work and can be either mounted in the floor or completely portable.- Storage Lifts: Single and two posts hoists are the best choice when storing any style of vehicle for any length of time. Some of these models are completely freestanding while others will require anchoring, but either way, you’ll find these to be a secure and safe option for almost any vehicle.Finding The Best Brands In Automotive Lifts, Truck Lifts, Car Lifts & Motorcycle LiftsThe best brand doesn’t just offer quality machines. The best brand offers an entire package that offers you the best value from start to finish. The proper regulatory authorities should certify the equipment and there should be a solid warranty on parts and labor in the event that something goes wrong. The brand itself should also have some longevity to ensure you can get parts, service, and help long after you make your purchase.

Social Media and Children

Social media, in its current form, means a lot more than just a small number of adults spending time connecting with others and researching various topics. There are millions of children that are involved with social media in all sorts of ways.Children’s interactions with social media
There are reasons why the thought of children getting involved with social media may be objectionable (and are certainly not preferable). A great deal of the objections, in all likelihood, come from the parents of those children. Many parents grow concerned if their children start to interact on social media channels because of the potentially dangerous nature of the Internet (at least certain aspects of it).One of the best safety measures is something that parents can make happen. That is education. Adults in a position of authority must educate children, without frightening them, so that they understand what to do and what not to do in order to stay safe. The Internet definitely holds some potentially powerful educational possibilities for children if used appropriately. Part of the education is showing children where they should and should not go online. They also need to understand that the virtual world can quickly become the real world if they venture into places online where they have no control and where their parents and teachers don’t have control either.The positives of children using social media
There are many positive attributes that can be leveraged when it comes to children. One of those is the idea that children can become technically savvy from an early age and that will help them in their future lives and careers. That is extremely important for them. All of that will definitely affect their future in an extremely profound manner. As young adults, they will be able to use social media to build relationships who share common interests and who have networking connections that will benefit both of them. Those relationships will help them to realize their long-term goals successfully. Of course, another thing to remember is that if a child is very young, he or she may be restricted from using certain social media channels. The adults need to pay attention to that on behalf of the children. Of course, those restrictions are in place for good reasons.Another thing that is important to remember is that when you are choosing the appropriate social media channels, you should do so with the idea in mind that you (or the teachers) will not need to monitor every word that the child types. Children need some degree of privacy and the adults need to respect that as long as they children are not allowed to have freedom that causes them harm in any way. Children do not like the idea that their parents and teachers are watching their every move. An appropriate analogy would be if the child receives something in the mail (with his or her name on it). The parent should not open that piece of mail. Aside from being illegal, it is also important to make the child feel that since that envelope is addressed to him or her, he or she has the right to open it.What is being built
There are many positive attributes that are being build by allowing children to get involved with social media and making them feel that they have entered a world that will allow them to grow, learn, and benefit. There is no doubt that the Internet has made all sorts of opportunities available that would never have been available before. Referring back to the networking opportunities and relationship building that occurs because of social media, there is absolutely nothing that can replace that. If children can learn from a young age how to be comfortable with other people and with themselves in a professional situation, they will be one step ahead of the game.Conclusion
Social media and children are a natural combination, although that doesn’t mean that caution does not need to be exercised. As parents and educators, it is important to make sure that children use social media in the most productive, valuable and safe manner possible. It is all in the education. If you do that up front, you will hopefully be able to sit back and watch the children flourish. Social media has many benefits (for adults and children). It allows people to stay connected, form and sustain relationships, share interesting and valuable pieces of information, and develop a personal brand. There are many different social media channels that have been created with children in mind. It is important to find the ones that are the most appropriate and the most beneficial.

Financial Times – My Favourite English Language Newspaper for Travels Abroad and World News

Are you often travelling to destinations abroad and cannot get your normal newspaper everywhere? Go for Financial Times – it isn’t what the name suggests only about financial matters but a valuable source of information about how things are going around in our dynamic world.I must admit that I went on many travels abroad before I recognized the general value of Financial Times and asked for it in a plane. I think it wasn’t before I had engaged in some stock trading as part of my pension savings that I dared to open Financial Times.But ever since Financial Times has been my favourite ‘on plane newspaper’, and I often keep parts of it for future reference. It is true that Financial Times brings a lot of information about business, corporate companies and the stock market around in the world. But for me the real value of Financial Times has been the newspaper’s thorough reports and reviews of what is going on around the world. In general Financial Times brings rather neutral information and evaluation reports of the situation. Sometimes with a very critical approach fitting to real professional journalism.I interpret this level of seriousness as a part of the function of Financial Times as an important source of information for decision making of big business. Fake information or biased news about the situation in a country could not only mislead the reader but be a catastrophe for some decisions related to big business.Honestly, many American politicians would be much better informed about the world outside US if they took the time to read Financial Times daily. I don’t dare to recommend Financial Times to the general American, as many Americans unfortunately aren’t reading a daily newspaper but are just trusting television news.The television news and especially the most popular ones aren’t that trustworthy, especially not their information about the rest of the world. To say it mildly I guess the world would look much different if more Americans were informed at the level of Financial Times as a background for their political stand and views on the world.My original motivation for opening my first Financial Times was my personal interest in how the stock market was doing. It was the year before the collapse and through my early warnings of that catastrophe for many stocks related to IT and the so-called new economy I was able to avoid any serious loses.So, also for the more common man who cares for his own future the reading of Financial Times would be a good investment of time – and then at the same time the important benefit to achieve a much deeper understanding of how the world is working and how the life is going on around in our beautiful but fragile world.

Using the Wisdom of the Body in Sick Financial Times

During difficult times the easiest thing to do is to blame someone. In a health crisis, when we look to blame someone, our focus is directed externally and we become victims unable to change our inner reality. Do we really want to become victims during difficult times?We may not be able to control the International financial situation, but we can control how we deal with it. Regardless of how you think politically, how you interpret our economic situation causes the stress your body creates. If a negative part of you becomes the way you see that problem, negative responses are natural. If a wise connected part of you deals with economic difficulties, positive responses naturally bubble up to deal with it.We may learn valuable lessons when we focus on what went wrong, but the solution will not come from looking in the rear view mirror. We have plenty to do within us, for we have to change the way we perceive reality. In health Norman Cousins said “You either reside in your body or you preside over your body”. In this difficult financial times you either reside in poor economic times or you preside over your difficult times using the Wisdom of your Body.In a health crisis, you can change your self image to better deal with your health threat. You can consciously develop the skills of self trust so you rely on powerful inner resources and you learn how to control negative thinking. In a financial crisis those skills are essential also.A person facing the threat of death often relies on the Wisdom of the Body to take an active role; it is instinctual to survive. In a financial crisis the Wisdom of the Body is easily replaced by logic. In difficult financial times we have to consciously decide to rely on our inner wisdom in harmony with the experts in the same way patients respond to their doctors. In both cases, responding from inner wisdom creates less stress and preserves a quality of life.When you face a difficult challenge, be responsible to what part of you responds. That may be the only thing that you can control. This will not pay your bills or recover lost money, but it will sustain a quality of life as you go through your struggle.© Marc Lerner & Life Skills 2009

Financial Times Maintains Loyalty Among Global Business Readers

The Financial Times is a British newspaper that is issued in London England as well as in twenty more sites around the world. The most important competitor of the Financial Times newspaper is the US-based Wall Street Journal newspaper.  The paper started small, serving mainly City traders, also having a local rival, Financial News. As years went by the paper evolved, grew and increased its depth and width of coverage. The paper developed a network of correspondents around the world that reflected in their stories the move towards a global economy from the early days. The paper attributes very much of the quality and coverage on this network of correspondents that still holds very well until the present days. The newspaper is usually divided into two parts: the first part covers national and international news, and the second part covers company and market news. Financial Times offers content that contributes significantly their main newspaper; the most important is:  
The Financial Times magazine; it is distributed in the weekend edition and parts of the magazine are included in the US printed edition of the newspaper
How to spend it; posh advice on how rich people can spend their wealth
Opinions; supports global markets and the world economy in general. Through Opinions, the paper supported Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Brown and Barrack Obama
The Lex column; covers business and financial news on a daily basis.In 1995, Financial Times made it online, starting a Website. The site started with providing a high summary of worldwide news; the paper added stock prices in 1996. The second version of the site was launched in 1997. Gradually the site grew in content and services. Currently it is one of the few subscription-based newspaper sites (Wall Street Journal also supports this Business model). It is also possible to purchase online a printed Financial Times subscription. The users who visit are 3 million every month from the US alone. They are mostly single men with no kids, some college education and an average income of $30,000 – $50,000.